Miss Belgium To 2019 – “Elena is a diamond in the rough”

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The organisation of Miss Belgium, with particular organiser Darline Devos, is satisfied with Miss Belgium, the Antwerp Elena Castro Suarez. She said that immediately after the end of the galashow in the Plopsa Theatre in Adinkerke.

“She was not my number one, but they performed throughout the competition is still very good, also tonight,” said Devos. “The points were very close to each other. The title again to Antwerp is really a coincidence. Also this year is the first eredame Names and the second from Antwerp. That seems to be quite good at last year, but it really is a coincidence.”
Devos has a lot of qualities of her new miss. “Elena is a very simple, friendly, social girl. She is very kind to other people. Elena is just like Angeline a diamond in the rough,” said Devos. The 18-year-old Elena Castro Suarez, was also Miss Charity.
Normally she goes to Miss World . “It is the habit that Miss Belgium for Miss World. She has in all respects the qualities to compete at the Miss World. It depends on the data. Elodie Duchesne can as well to Miss Universe.”
“This is really great and wonderful”, so responded the newly crowned miss. “Everyone was very strong. I may have had just that little bit extra. I will Belgium certainly well represented. I am also Miss Charity and want to go deliver in the coming year. Antwerp is definitely still”, says Elena, who is the fourth Antwerp, Miss Belgium will be in five years time.

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