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Maradona has been successfully operated on for hernia

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The Argentine football legend Diego Maradona is Saturday successfully operated in a hospital in Buenos Aires. That made his lawyer, Matias Morla known. ‘Fluffling’ underwent a planned surgery after a hernia, a bulge of the navel.

“The surgical procedure Diego Maradona is terminated. Thanks to God that everything went well”, posted the lawyer on Twitter. The 58-year-old Argentine must be at least until Sunday afternoon, still stay in the hospital.

Maradona was on 4 January in the hospital, after a routine check – due to his contract extension as head coach of the Mexican resembled Dorados – a stomach bleeding was identified. When he was a day later leave the hospital, he had been laughing recording: “I am the hospital entered as a man of 58 and leaving as one of 50.”

The world champion of 1986, it underwent a few years ago, two bypass operations to lose weight. Previously, he was repeatedly admitted to the hospital, the last time in 2004 when he was eleven days in the hospital was left with breathing problems.

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