Kermisweekend Zegelsem start on 9 February

250f1e008755426d50c66b9e51aaea3f - Kermisweekend Zegelsem start on 9 February

The kermisweekend of Zegelsem 2019 is on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February, this in the tent and the banquet facilities in and around the sports Hall Averbo to Michelbeke. For the 3rd year in a row, the only real Zegelsem continue in Michelbeke. The Geutelingencomité vzw chooses to re-Michelbeke as a base for the geutelingenseizoen 2019 after the great success of the past 2 editions.

Saturday 9 February from 20 hours a vedettenparade place with the following artists: Dennie Christian, Eveline Cannoot, David Vandyck, Wendy Of Mittens, Johan Veugelers, Lindsay, Swoop and Luc Steeno.
Tickets cost € 15 in advance and can be reserved by or at the phone number 0497/17.45.41. At the checkout you will only pay € 20.

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