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Keisse and De Buyst maintain the leadership in the six days of Bremen

e29d00ebcd41957757990ddcd86e1ad7 - Keisse and De Buyst maintain the leadership in the six days of Bremen

Iljo Keisse and Jasper De Buyst also carry out after the third evening, on the six days of Bremen the lead. The Belgian duo has 156 points. The German-Austrian duo of Achim Burkart/Andreas Graf follows the second in the same round, with 124 points. The third spot on the podium is at the moment for the Italian-Swiss tandem Simone Consonni/Tristan Marguet (148 pts). They count one round behind.

Moreno De Pauw and the Dutchman Wim Stroetinga, Friday night still second, collapsed Saturday night away to the sixth place. They count in the meantime, 100 points, and five laps behind. Jules Hesters and his Dutch friend Melvin van Zijl remained seventh with 56 points and eight rounds. Bryan Boussaer and the German Sebastian Schmiedel climbed to the tenth place with 18 points and nineteen rounds.

The six days of Bremen ends Tuesday.

After third day:

1. Iljo Keisse/Jasper De Buyst (BEL) 156 points

2. Achim Burkart/Andreas Graf (Ger/Aus) 124

3. Simone Consonni/Tristan Marguet (Ita/Swi) 148

– 1 round –

4. Marc Hester/Theo Reinhardt (Den/Ger) 120

5. Christian Grasmann/Jesper Morkov (Ger/Den) 70

– 2 rounds –

6. Wim Stroetinga/Moreno De Pauw (Ned/BEL) 100

– 5 laps –

7. Melvin van Zijl/Jules Hesters (Ned/BEL) 56

– 8 rounds –

8. Henning Bommel/Matias Malmberg (Ger/Den) 76

– on 14 laps –

9. Lucas Liss/Hans Pirius (Ger) 20

– 19 laps –

10. Bryan Boussaer/Sebastian Schmiedel (BEL/Ger) 18

11. Joshua Harrison/Moritz Augenstein (Aus/Ger) 41

– 20 rounds –

12. Oliver Wulff Frederiksen/Maximilian Beyer (Den/Ger) 61

– 21 laps –

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