Italian terrorist Battisti is in Bolivia arrested

f36d9941229b4b7f95ca7b5b85c25b4c - Italian terrorist Battisti is in Bolivia arrested

The extreme left-wing terrorist Cesare Battisti was on the run for the Brazilian court, but is now picked up in Bolivia. That has been an employee of the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said Friday.

Brazilian judges had, in december, the arrest ordered by the Italian, who decades ago in his homeland have fled. He was in absentia for several murders.

After his arrest warrant was issued, fled Battisti from Brazil to Bolivia. ‘The Italian terrorist Cesare Battisti is tonight in Bolivia arrested, ” wrote Filipe Martins, an adviser to president Bolsonaro on Twitter. He added that the Italian may have to Brazil is transferred before he is extradited to Italy, where he is a life-long punishment must sit out.

Battisti was one of the originators of the radical Italian group Armed Proletarians for Communism. Battisti had his life actually in an Italian cell should wear, because he is in 1993 had been convicted of four murders that he, as a member of his movement would have committed. But he could in 1981 from the Italian cell to escape and found a safe haven in France. There he could, because he the violence had renounced, count on the protection of the then French president François Mitterrand. When his successor Jacques Chirac with him to Italy wanted to surrender, he struck again on the flight. Battisti was ultimately geklist in Brazil. He has four years in the cell sat. He is now 63 years old and always has his innocence, to stand.

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