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IOTA is a partnership with the Crypto Storage AG

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Marcel Knobloch –

The technology of IOTA in the free economy, increasingly used, as more and more companies realize the true potential. Through the cooperation between the IOTA Foundation and the Crypto Storage AG IOTA is to provide a storage infrastructure solution for larger customers.

IOTA differs from traditional projects in the crypto world to the fact that in the centre of the Ecosystem, no Blockchain, but the IOTA TAngle. The Tangle is a permission-free, royalty-free distributed Ledger, which was designed as the Basis of a global Protocol for the Internet of things (Internet of Things). Industry partners are developing with IOTA concepts for diverse areas, e.g. Automotive, electric mobility, eHealth, smart energy, but also in the area of services in the horse riding area.

The Crypto Finance AG is offering a new security solution for industrial partners that rely on the use of the IOTA Tangles. The Multi-signature storage solution is designed for the storage of high volumes on the Tangle, and usable worldwide. This storage solution meets the highest requirements, have values of financial intermediaries in terms of safe storage and design of digital assets. The co-operation between the IOTA Foundation and the Crypto Storage AG enables private and public investors as well as institutional investors the secure management of access to your IOTA-Token. IOTA enables a new business to explore models for companies and organizations and to develop. Users of CryptoStorage solution obtained by the separate infrastructures, and a definable approval processes, an additional level of security within the transaction process.

The CEO of the Crypto Storage AG, Stijn Vander Straeten, is proud of the cooperation and satisfies translated by this development is the growing demand from the industry for the use of the technologies of IOTA (free):

CryptoStorage AG is proud to support the IOTA platform with our Top-Tier infrastructure, we see an increasing demand among our customers and IOTA-industry partners, in order to activate the IOTA Token, without compromising the security.

David Sønstebø, co-founder of IOTA, sees in the cooperation a crucial value, since the backup of data in the world today is a much more important role (freely translated):

Backup the data with the infrastructure of the Crypto Storage AG will contribute to the development of these concepts and the Vision of the IOTA Foundation to support a Machine-to-Machine economy.

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