Greek endless government crisis by Macedonian name change

The Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras announced that he is a vote of confidence in asking after the minister of Defence Panos Kammenos, the government has left. Kammenos warns: ‘I’ll take the other six ministers of my party.’

Kammenos does not agree with the deal around the name change of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the North of Macedonia. The deal must have a long and persistent resolve the conflict. Macedonia has that agreement been ratified by the Greek parliament have to do that.

That ratification is now compromised by the departure of outgoing defense minister Panos Kammenos. The right-populist wants to Northern Macedonia as a new name do not support. It is unclear whether the other ministers of his party, the Independent Greeks, will follow. Kammenos says it is.


Tsipras’ party, Syriza, has 145 seats in parliament out of 300, plus the support of an independent. He has 151 votes are needed. The Independent Greeks have seven seats. Prime minister Tsipras announced that he is a vote of confidence in parliament requires. Which mood find presumably place January 16. Kammenos announces against the agreement to vote.

Tsipras sees his government not in danger. He is planning to make to the parliamentary elections of October continue to govern with the votes of independent mps and mps from smaller parties.

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