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Euro Exim Bank introduces xRapid (XRP) in Q1 2019 complete – Coin Hero

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Euro Exim Bank introduces xRapid (XRP) in Q1 2019 complete

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Marcus Misiak –

With the Euro Exim Bank of London, the first Bank has declared, that Ripple’s XRP-based soft solution xRapid would be using in real operation officially. As American Banker reports, to the the XRP technology within a few weeks, at the latest until the end of the 1. Quarter in 2019 will be fully integrieret.

Ripple thus continues its successful path to the mass adaptation of the software solutions of Ripple, after the company announced a few days ago, that it was able to win over 200 banks and financial institutions as a Partner. After several Tests and announcements by several banks and payment processors, the Euro Exim Bank of London announced, finally, that you will use within a few weeks and before the end of the first quarter of this year, the xRapid-Software of XRP and Ripple.

Graham Bright, the head of the Compliance Department and Operations of the Bank, told American Banker that the Bank plans to start with the XRP-based payments in all the 80 countries to demonstrate the speed and efficiency of the crypto-currency.

It was a lot of talk about the markets, how the Blockchain technology can help banking. We are keen to make progress and to create a platform for payment transactions for our customers, which are currently in over 80 countries, to ensure that the Locals have a friction-free payment experience.

The current Standard for international payments, the Swift global network, which is used by 11,000 banks and financial institutions around the world. According to Bright, one of the transactions is the Euro Exim Bank in the Swift network in this month’s lost and offers an excellent example of why a change to new technologies is necessary.

The transaction is somewhere in the sump of a Central organization lost, and we have no idea where she is. The other party says: “We have not received your message.

Marcus Treacher, Global Head of Strategic Accounts at Ripple, commented that the use of xRapid allows the banks to instant transactions, without the risks associated with the volatility of certain currency pairs when performing inter-currency transfers:

If you use XRP, to Parking, rather than all, of their money in foreign accounts around the world in advance, keep your money locally, under your control, your stability and your credit rating. It is structurally a much better Position. You can funds from your local account, for example, the Brazilian Real, two minutes to the target account, for example Euro transfer.

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