Elena Castro Suarez is Miss Belgium, 2019

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We have a new Miss Belgium: Elena Castro Suarez. They may, one year long, the Miss Belgium to 2019. The election was Saturday night place in the Plopsa Theatre of De Panne, where 29 finalists competed for the coveted crown. Only 29 candidates, because one of the 30 lucky ones bundle had to give because too ill to take part. During a show that is live on AB3 and Ment was broadcast, the finalists are subject to a variety of questions, the show was filled with short performances. Elena Castro Suarez is a miss with a mission, she is barely 18 years old and is from Antwerp. You can have her with her 19th birthday, to congratulate on the 20th of July 2019, because she was so in 2000 born. Her participation in the Miss Belgium was certainly not a whim, earlier took the Antwerp also already available in several other elections.
In 2018 brought Elena her degree in secondary education in the direction of social and technical sciences. Currently she’s studying rights for Elena Castro Suarez would later love to get attorney. But those studies will now have a year to wait for the focus next year is really on the title and duties of Miss Belgium. And those obligations are there. Sunday morning, there is the traditional press conference may be followed by the equally traditional badfoto’s with a lot of foam.

Elena Castro Suarez was not immediately top favourite for the title of Miss Belgium. That they Angeline Flor Pua should follow, is quite an honor for Elena Castro Suarez. The 18-year-old is already the sixth Flemish Miss Belgium in a row, much to the annoyance of the Walloons. Again this year the winner from the province of Antwerp. Elena hoped sincerely that they the crown would get, and let the tears than the free run at the time that the organiser Darline Devos, the name of the winner afriep. On telling Devos that Elena Castro Suarez not immediately her absolute favourite was but Elena has performed all over the line well. First eredame is the from Names, originating Elodie Duchesne, second eredame is Aline Elsermans from Antwerp.

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