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Elena Castro Suarez (18) is Miss Belgium to 2019

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The Antwerp Elena Castro Suarez has been voted the new Miss Belgium. They follow a different Antwerp (Angeline Flor Pua). Castro Suarez is 19 and has Belgian-Spanish roots. She is the sixth Flemish Miss Belgium in a row.

Elena Castro Suarez came tonight as the winner from the bus during the verkiezingsshow in the Plopsa Theater in De Panne. Her first eredame, Miss Names, Elodie Duchesne, and second eredame Aline Elsermans. After her followed Michelle Vermeersch, Julie Boone and Melissa Ghysels. At the announcement of the top 3 suggested Miss Belgium-organiser Darline Devos that the points are very close together.

The show was started with 29 finalists. Actually had the 30, but one was sick, lost weight. The candidates were came on the stage and were thereby in a special way are introduced. That yielded surprising facts. Donna works during the day with her dad in the meat wholesaler’s, where they easily 20 kilograms of meat, lifting and versnijdt’. The largest speciality” of Josephine Charlotte ‘her sproetjes that she stands out in her modelling work’. Chloë may be a miss, and keep track of photo shoots, yet she helps on the farm of her parents where she and the tractor rides and milks the cows’.

Afterwards the field will be reduced to 20 candidates and then to 12. They defileerden dress on the catwalk and were subjected to a round. They had their great example to describe, and which proved – not surprisingly – among others, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Angelina Jolie. The previous Miss Belgium Angelina Flor Pua was uitgewuifd with a choreography about aviation to which its (new) career as a pilote was central.

Elena Castro Suarez is the sixth Flemish Miss Belgium in a row. In 2013 won the Liège Noémie Happart, the current wife of the Red Devil Yannick Carrasco. After her followed Laurence Langen (Genk), Annelies Törös (Berchem), Lenty French (Sint-Lenaarts), Romanie Schotte (Bruges) and Angeline Flor Pua (Borgerhout).

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