Death toll catastrophe in China amounted to 21 victims

With the collapse of a coal mine in Shenmu, in the northwest of China, are Saturday least 21 miners to the accident. Reports that the Chinese staatspersagentschap Xinhua. Two miners are still missing.

Initially, there were 19 deaths reported, but Sunday morning found workers still two bodies of the colliers, who were caught, reports the staatspersagentschap Xinhua. There were 87 miners in the Lijiagou coal mine of the Baiji Mining Co in Shenmu. Sixty-six were brought to safety. In the meantime were nineteen bodies recovered and remain two miners were missing.

China is today the largest coal producer and consumer, but the mines are considered to be very unsafe experience. In 2017 reported Xinhua over 217 mijnongevallen with 375 fatalities. Or all the accidents and casualties are reported, it is long not sure.

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