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Belgian trucker Peter Willemsen will still win a gift in the Dakar rally after he was stopped to help

Ton van Genugten, Bernard Der kinderen and Peter Willemsen (Iveco) in the night of Saturday on Sunday declared the winner of the fifth stage in the Dakar in the trucks. The time that Willemsen and co. lost due to stop to a other participant, to help, was waived. The result is that the trio ride to win by 49 seconds ahead of the leader Nikolaev (Kamaz). In the stand they move on to fourth place.

The Russian Andrey Karginov (Kamaz) by the organization disqualified after a spectator was hit by a car and not stopped to offer assistance. This rose Gerard de Rooy (Iveco) from the fourth place to third place in the state. Tonight was then known that Ton van Genugten the time back that he was in the fifth stage of the Mammoth-rider Janus van Kasteren was. With a difference of only 49 seconds, it was Van Genugten, therefore, to stage winner declared. Initially, it was Van Genugten fifth become, at 14:03 of Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz).

After the rest day starts the Dakar today on part two. The participants had to 3u from the springs for a distance of 839 km, including 317 km by the time.

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