Again acute avalanche risk in Austria

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In parts of Austria is due to the fresh snowfall again the highest lawinewaarschuwingsniveau proclaimed. For Monday is valid for the west of Tyrol, briefly alert level 5, say the authorities Sunday in Innsbruck.

The Fernpass, one of the most important transitwegen between Germany and Austria, will remain certainly till Tuesday evening closed to traffic by the danger of avalanches. The only alternative for drivers is to take a large detour along the Exiting (A12), report the authorities in Tirol Sunday.

In the beginning of the week is for a lot of high areas again for at least a metre of fresh snow expected. Larger amounts of snow are not only in the noordalpen, but also to the major Austro-Italian grenspas Brenner expected, according to the meteorologists. But improvement is in sight. “After a critical lawinefase fast start, there is a reversal, usually just as quickly and the situation will be by the middle of the week most improved”, said a spokesman of the lawinewaarschuwingsdienst in Tirol.

Also in the region of Salzburg are several streets blocked by new snow – and rainfall. The authorities of Salzburg recommend that people who are on the edge of the forest to the ground floor to sleep, since falling trees and branches, roofs can damage or people buried by heaps of snow, as the roofs would collapse.

Closed by avalanche

In different elevated areas in Germany and Austria has it again this weekend firmly snowed in. Balderschwang im Allgaü is located on the German-Austrian border. The Riedbergpass, that from the German side leads to the winter sports area, hit this weekend completely blocked by an avalanche. Rather hit the road from the ski resort to the Austrian side closed by an avalanche. About 1,300 people are now completely of the outside world cut off.

In the ski resort Balderschwang im Allgaü, in the German state of Bavaria, sit around 1,300 inhabitants and tourists after an avalanche of a provincial road completely buried. That sign in local German media on Sunday.

According to the police have affected people won’t be evacuated. The power lines are still intact, and there would be enough drinkable water and food are present. The emergency services to say that everything in the work to the two roads as quickly as possible clear of snow.

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