AfD asks ‘Dexit’ as the EU is not fundamentally reformed, is

5a7339cf6e0ab36d02a4576ef3842e16 - AfD asks ‘Dexit’ as the EU is not fundamentally reformed, is

Representatives of the German radical right-wing party AfD have Sunday decided to campaign around the departure of the country from the European Union ” as last option’, if the EU is not fundamentally reformed. A resolution about that was Sunday approved at a party congress around the manifesto for the European elections in may.

AfD break, as a taboo in postwar Germany, that just really holds on to the construction of a strong Europe. No other party has suggested that a departure from the EU would be a good idea.

In the resolution Dept for a ‘Dexit’ if not ‘within a reasonable period of time ” he discusses the question of AfD for ‘profound reform’ of the EU. ‘In that case, we believe that a departure of Germany from the European Union, or a dissolution is necessary as a last option, it sounds. In the place of the EU would be a simple economic community should be established, according to AfD. The reforms that AfD demands include the suspension of the European parliament, the disappearance of the euro and an end to the ‘islamisation’ of Europe.

No target date

The resolution is included in the election program, which in the course of the evening voted. In that program is also included that ‘the immigration to Europe in the extent is limited and needs to be checked that the identity of the European cultural nations in all circumstances is ensured’. In the first instance, wanted a majority, a full migratiestop in the program stitches, but there was later on returned.

Also about the ‘Dexit’ wanted to AfD in the first instance harder language to speak, by calling for a departure from the EU for the end of next European legislature in 2024, if not the necessary reforms to be realized. Eventually chose the attendees at the congress, however, there is no target date to give.

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