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19-year-old Timo Kielich slog sovereign to first national title cyclocross in the promises: “It was enormously hard.”

291e6042e7cbbd043a1d78adf437ade8 - 19-year-old Timo Kielich slog sovereign to first national title cyclocross in the promises: “It was enormously hard.”

Timo Kielich was by his competitors tipped as the leading candidate-winner for the national beloftentitel and they were right. The 19-year-old Limburger of Steylaert – 777 struck already in the first lap with a gap and that they were not more poem. Silver went (on a minute and a half) to Lander Loockx, Niels Vandeputte took bronze.

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A pronounced favorite, was not at the promises. Lander Loockx won last Sunday still convincing in Brussels, but pushed himself Timo Kielich as the man to beat. “He can, as no other peaks for a championship”, found Loockx.

Strange! Kielich was never a national champion in the field, or on the mountain bike. And drove until now a fairly inconsistent season. But Loockx got unfortunately for him, his equal. Kielich took in a chaotic start, with two crashes already the holeshot, had to Show Vandebosch only for a moment; after a fietswissel but soon took the handle firmly in your hands.

Behind the poulain of Bart Wellens could Lander Loockx is just to loosen but it was Niels Vandeputte who made an impression. He cycled first pass Show Vandebosch and was soon on the trail of Lander Loockx. But the sweater had to Vandeputte and Loockx soon not think anymore. After the second round, the duo is already more than half a minute behind the unleashed Kielich.

In the absence of Eli Iserbyt – the world champion at the promises will be able to go with the pros driving, because he signed a has – took Kielich with verve the role. The 19-year-old Limburger made hardly an error.

Behind the broad back of Kielich kept Loockx and Vandeputte each other in balance. Loockx with the power, Vandeputte with the technology combined: details would disclose silver, and bronze. It was ultimately the power of Loockx who won: silver for de Brabander, bronze went to Niels Vandeputte.

“I was against the cramps”

“It was enormously heavy, it was matter of at your place and pace to drive”, said the Observer. “In the penultimate round, I was even against the cramps, constant on and off the bike to jump. It was also a long cross, which is longer than 50 minutes. For a championship may do it, but it was really heavy. You need to your muscles are constantly stretching to right to remain, which is why I against the cramps meat.”

“Or I might quietly checking could drive? When I have more than a half a minute, I knew that I just my pace had to persist and remain straight. I made a mistake, but lost not much time with it. I am very satisfied with this victory, it is my biggest victory of this season.”


1. Timo Kielich

2. Lander Loockx +1’25”

3. Niels Vandeputte

4. Mathijs Wuyts

5. Anton Ferdinande

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