USA break shutdown record

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The closing of the American administrations, is now the longest in history. Also the White House itself feels the shutdown.

The 800,000 civil servants get for twenty days no wages, and must stay at home. Certainly for the officials, which is normally every two weeks to be paid, this is very painful. Even though in most cases their wage arrears can still be paid.

And then there are also the many Americans who depend on benefits.

Also, the White House feels the shutdown, by the way. 203 employees whose job is ‘not essential’ is, sitting at home. The other work, but are not (yet) paid.

Not every shutdown is the same

Not all closures or shutdowns are the same. Not in length and not in size. They all have the same cause: a dispute between the president and the Congress is preventing the timely adoption of a budget for the ministries and agencies or the increase of the debt ceiling beyond which the government no more money should be borrowed.

It is only since 1980 that the lack of a valid budget also means that the government is closing doors.

How long?

The Republican Ronald Reagan was the president with the most shutdowns: eight. But until today, the Democrat Bill Clinton, the longest closure on his list to write, of 5 december 1995 to 6 January 1996. That revolved around the Republican claim to be the deficit all the way to work over a period of seven years.

After that, it lasted until november 2013, before the Americans even for closed overheidsdeuren were. But the dispute over president Obama’s health insurance took then up to 17 days.

How much?

The number of unemployed and unpaid civil servants depends on the number of budgets that are not timely approved. That may also fluctuate during a shutdown. According to the research department of the Congress were in 2013 850.000 officers – 40 percent of the total – non-active set. That reduced with the implementation of the law that money provided for the payment of soldiers and civilians in the service of Defence. The conclusion of the 1995-’96 became only 284.000 government officials.

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