Trump called former FBI top ‘corrupt’

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The American president Donald Trump is not nice for the FBI. In a series of tweets, he called the former top of the federal police to be ‘corrupt’.

The New York Times published an article stating that the FBI in 2017, an investigation was launched to find out whether the president, whether consciously or not, for the Russians would have worked.

In a series of morning series of messages on Twitter tells Trump that they did so ” without any reason and with no evidence, after I the lying James Comey had dismissed’. He called the former management, ‘corrupt’, and surveys, and former head of the FBI, Comey also if a corrupt medallion.

In a response on Twitter came James Comey with a quote from former president Franklin Roosevelt: “I ask you to allow me to assess on the basis of the enemies I have made’.

Also, special prosecutor Robert Mueller had to believe in the twitterbarrage of the American president. Mueller is leading the investigation into possible connections between Trumps presidentcampagne and Russia. Trump continues to insist that no other president is more stringent for Russia than he is.

In a tv interview to be broadcast, foreign affairs minister Michael Pompeo the idea that Trump is a threat to the Us security as being ‘completely ridiculous’.

Week four of the shutdown

The twitterstorm of the American president shows that the nerves stretched taut – the report of Mueller would be in a final phase sit. And then there is also the shutdown of the government services where Trump but no grip on it seems to get.

That shutdown enters its fourth week, with no end in sight. The president wants a few billion for his promised limes wall with Mexico to be able to build, but that is outside of the Democrats are counted. Over the past week suggested to Trump that he was considering to declare a state of emergency to call out to other budgets to be able to free up the construction to begin.

In the article that the New York Times Friday published, states that the FBI in the days after the dismissal of Comey was beginning to investigate whether Trump is not with the Russians in cahoots played. The newspaper quoted people close to were involved in that research.

American intelligence officers attempted to assess whether the actions of their president a threat to national security. In a tweet says Trump about that a number of former FBI bosses are no more than ‘a gang of losers that the president damage wanted to damage’.

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