The clashes between Aster and Lize

The clashes between Aster and Lize

Lize Feryn and Aster Nzeyimana are a happy couple. Life seems to be much cleaner since they know each other, they tell in Nina. Nevertheless they have to admit that sometimes it is simply also clash between them.

Actress Lize Feryn admits that her relationship with sports journalist Aster Nzeyimana her sometimes overpowering. Suddenly she has no need of me-time. “I think everything is more fun when They are there,” she tells in Nina, the weekend supplement of The Latest News. Yet with the also in their relationship sometimes. And then with the right. Lize and Aster want to be a disagreement or a frustration, after all, in a different manner. And that creates even more annoyances…

Aster wants to always be chatting during a fight. “He’s calling, arguments, and babbelt so much and so long that I don’t even know what I wanted to say,” reveals Lize Feryn who prefer first of all would like to process and give it a place. “I think then after an hour on my side of the problem can best explain. Usually I send him a long text message. Usually, my anger already gone by the end of that text,” laughs the actress.

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