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Sanne Cant fit for the world Cup in Pontchâteu and draws after Otegem on stage

45236165f0317489e8a7a5d2a8dee869 - Sanne Cant fit for the world Cup in Pontchâteu and draws after Otegem on stage

Sanne Cant drive Monday in Otegem and leave then on a internship to Spain. They fit for the world Cup in Pontchâteau, in order for the best to prepare for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Danish Bogense.

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The world champion has had over the last few weeks already had a balloon that they may not be in Pontchâteau would start and confirmed that suspicion after her tenth national title. “Why should I the move to Pontchâteau”, she wondered. “I can take the gc win. I am now second, and can at most be a town of bags. Whether I’m second or third word, makes little difference. Then I can prepare better for the world cup.”

“I have a feeling that I have a stage I need to get to my top form to grow. If you need to pause for a contest, that is too bad. It is better that I had ten days of hard train in Spain for the top to be at the world cup. Or I there with the favorites hear? No, I have no world cup won this season, so I am still not a favorite. The Dutch people are. They are: Marianne Vos, Lucinda Brand, Denise Betsema, maybe? Though it is difficult for her to estimate, because over the last few weeks she drove less races. Annemarie Worst I see then not win on the course.”

Monday, so Otegem, then an internship in Spain, then in Hoogerheide again to act on the 27th of January for a final test before the world cup.

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