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Sanne Cant continues to work with the women and picks up in Kruibeke tenth Belgian title in a row

A perfect report: otherwise, you can the performance of Sanne Cant in a Belgian championship not describe. On the long and treacherous trail of Kruibeke drove the world champion from the start in the lead and she won her tenth national title in a row, this equals the legendary record of Roland Liboton in the men. Her niece Loes Sels could, if only in the near of Cant continue, which makes it even more exciting remained, but had to be content with the second spot. Laura Verdonschot if after a catching up as third on the stage.

Relive here the BK cyclocross in the women!

Topfavoriete Sanne Cant put immediately really like to train. Laura Verdonschot took a slip and had to chase. Loes Sels was initially the only one that the wheel of the world champion was able to follow but when they, in a technical, bevel made a mistake had they are still in the first round a sore. Ellen Van Loy followed as the third but on the very tough course were the differences immediately.

Family keeps it exciting

The 28-year-old Cant looked not back, and mound undisturbed by the mud. Her cousin, Sels was the only one in her neighborhood could stay on just a little less than ten seconds. So it remained still exciting, because mistakes were on the tough and technical course is inevitable. On the sloping side of the struggle had also had Cant foot to the floor but ‘ could not take advantage. On the contrary, the world champion, the pace and increased her lead to twenty seconds.

The treacherous trail became smoother and smoother and remained so for faders worry, also Cant went further down but her tenth victory at a BK was never in danger. Only on her debut in 2009 she was “only” second behind Joyce Vanderbeken, afterwards, she won ten times in a row. At Roland Liboton in the men after unseen. Sels became nicely in second place at 16 seconds, Verdonschot if after a catching up as third on the stage.

The promises may Axelle Bellaert a year in the tricolore jersey to wear: the Bruges came as first over the finish line with the promises. Marthe Truyen took silver, the bronze was for Jinse Peeters. The juniors won Julie The Wild for Tessa Zwaenepoel and the kiona Crabbé.


1. Sanne Cant

2. Loes Sels

3. Laura Verdonschot

4. Ellen Van Loy

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