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Police found no hostages women in flat of R. Kelly

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The American police is Friday, to the apartment of the discredited come superstar R. Kelly went into the Trump Tower in Chicago to determine whether women would be held hostage in that apartment. They left without evidence for have found.

The attorney of Cook County had a tip passed to the police, according to which an informer from outside the state had informed that two women would be held in the residence of the singer in the Trump Tower, said politiewoordvoerder Anthony Guglielmi of the newspaper The Chicago Tribune.

It was a patrol langsgestuurd in the Trump Tower. They had contact with the singer, and with some women, according to Guglielmi. The women declared that they not against their will were present, which the police concluded that the allegations are unfounded and they left unsuccessful.

The lawyer of R. Kelly, Steve Greenberg, said that this incident shows once again that his client is the victim of false accusations.

After attorney Kim Foxx Tuesday, a public call to victims to come out with their complaints against the singer, there were dozens of complaints chosen, according to a spokeswoman of the court of Chicago earlier this week.

R. Kelly is in the focus of public attention came after a documentary on television was broadcast in which women singer betichten of sexual abuse. The singer is already longer suspected of having sexual relationships with underage girls. In 2008 there was a case filed against R. Kelly, because the singer pictures would have made of himself, while he had sex with a girl of 13 years. He then went unpunished.

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