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Paradox: Bitcoin falls while Tron is rising

Paradox: Bitcoin falls while Tron is rising

Currently, there is a price crash in the crypto-market, the courses of renowned crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum are collapsed. In the case of Tron, the market capitalization 9. largest crypto-currency, however, there was no case, but a massive increase.

Ethereum (ETH), fell within an hour after the crash from second to third place in Coinmarketcap. The price of Ethereum around moved, with a market capitalisation of 13.7 billion dollars, about 130$. Even if the Bitcoin fought in the last days, the 4000$ brand high, this did not last long, and it went back down again.

Tron is increased by 50% in 5 days

At the time of writing this article Tron is the fastest growing Cryptocurrency in the Top 20 on Coinmarketcap. Tron rose in the last few days, more than 50%.

Paradox: Bitcoin falls while Tron is risingThe Tron Course Image Source: Coinlib

At the present time, the rate of TRX is 0,0248 US Dollar. Tron lay, therefore, in the last week, a rapid increase of 50,92%.

What are the reasons for this increase?

There were no big announcements or anything else of great importance, which would justify such a price increase.

The Tron, exchange rate rose, because the density of positive events for Tron in the last couple of weeks had increased, both Project Atlas, BitTorrents BTT-Token-Launch as well as the improvements to the Gaming DApp modes, which TronGoo took the first place, to the Start of OKEx with the Boundary-Trading and the setting of a former SEC Supervisory lawyer, as Chief Docility Officer, were responsible for positive mood.

In 2018, an event that was for Tron year. In October, Tron has announced a partnership with China’s largest search provider Baidu. During this cooperation the two companies want to work on the “Blockchain Commercialization of Super Partner Program 1.0”. As a result, the research work in the field of Internet Service Provider will be driven forward, and it will create a reliable Blockchain contributed to the Ecosystem for many different commercial companies.

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