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Max Verstappen performs today community service during Formula E race in Marrakech

613c7c842cc25d5ca42f31aeab2cbb80 - Max Verstappen performs today community service during Formula E race in Marrakech

The Dutchman Max Verstappen will today have community service to perform, which he imposed was as a result of an incident that occurred last year occurred during the F1 race in Brazil.

On 11 november, came the end of the GP of Brazil to a collision between Max Verstappen Esteban Ocon. The Dutchman pushed the Frenchman, this was after there had been earlier in the race a collision had been giving Verstappen the victory lost.

Verstappen was defined as, ultimately, a community service of the FIA, this is because it is the action as “damaging to the image of Formula 1” approach. About two months later know Verstappen now also what his community service.

Today is the second race of the Formula E championship, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1, place in Marrakech. At the Circuit International Automobile Moulay El Hassan Verstappen walking along with the stewards and to support them in their activities. The exact content of that work is preliminary, however, is not known.

The FIA explained Verstappen two days ‘service to the community” as a community service. Assisting the stewards during the Formula E race in Marrakech, therefore, is but the first part of his community service.

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