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Kinderboekenuitgever suing Netflix for ‘Bandersnatch’

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Netflix is being sued by the publisher of the books ‘Choose Your Own Adventure ” for the reference to that book in the movie ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’. The publisher asks $ 25 million for the ‘reputational damage’ that he incurs.

That reports Buzzfeed. In the children and jeugdboekenreeks ‘Choose Your Own Adventures’ to choose the readers the fate of the characters by different choices lead to different scenarios. ‘Bandersnatch’ tells the story of a young man who is a video game, whereby the players themselves via choices made by the game to move, while the viewers of the movie can do the same with the main character.

In the film bases the playmaker on a book, which is explicitly a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’book is called. According to publisher Chooseco used Netflix the reference to the book series to play on the sense of nostalgia from the viewer compared to the years 80 and 90. However, the problem is that the books are associated with violence in ‘Bandersnatch’, which the viewer may choose whether the main character herself out of a window, jump, or someone to let them jump, or a body in pieces, cuts or the whole burying.

“We have a lot of negative responses from people who thought that we were committed to this film, among whom are parents who were worried that we the CYOA brand linked to content them schoffeert’, says the publisher on BuzzFeed.

Netflix and Chooseco in 2016 negotiations, but the streamingbedrijf has never been given the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure trademark to use, as is apparent from the complaint that was filed. It is not clear whether negotiations on ‘Bandersnatch’ went.

Netflix did not respond to the complaint.

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