Jan Jambon in tears on the radio

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Evi Hanssen opened Saturday, once again the door of The Holy House of Hanssen, her radio show Joe where each week a famous guest will receive at her home. The first guest of the third season is Jan Jambon, the ex-minister of Interior and current mayor of Brasschaat. Evi talks with Jan Jambon also about his role as a grandfather, older age, and presents him with a number of dilemmas. Further reveals his brother Bert also that Jan ever bierkoning.

Politics takes its toll on the aging of Jan Jambon
Evi during the recording with Jan Jambon to her bathroom to get together to look in the mirror. For mayor Jambon is 60 closer. Evi wonders if he also feels there are things he can’t: “You feel that, of course, if you compare it with twenty or thirty years ago, da’s a big difference, that flexibility and movement. I have continuous pain in my right knee and that limited my movements,” says Jan. Evi wonders whether the ex-minister more wrinkles has been since he is in politics is stepped on and whether or not this takes its toll: “I think, at every election, however, is confrontational because then you get the signs of the previous elections back to top and there is your poster from four to five years ago. You can see that difference. That is quite confrontational,” said Jan frank.

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