Heavy gas explosion in Paris: several wounded

In the ninth arrondissement of Paris on Saturday, a fire broke out in a bakery, and then a heavy explosion followed. It’s probably not an attack but a gas explosion.

The explosion took place on the corner of the rue de Trévise and the rue Saint-Cécile. When the explosion cracked several windows and a car blown off. The police calls for the area to be avoided.

According to news agency Reuters there were twenty wounded, of which two are in critical condition and seven seriously wounded. The emergency services are on site and the fire department trying to fire yet to be extinguished.

At this moment the police are not from a terrorist attack, a gas explosion.

In Le Parisien testifies Paula Nagui, receptionist at hotel Diva, located on a little more than ten meters away from the bakery. “It was a huge bang. All the windows had to be sacrified. We could see the hotel guests are quick to reassure that it is not an attack, and that they are not immediately in jeopardy.’ They were now at the request of the fire brigade evacuated.

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