Christoff was rushed to hospital

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For the fans of Christoff was the Saturday morning might be scared when she is on the cover of The Latest News and read. “Christoff to undergo emergency surgery to heart” bloklettert the newspaper on the front page of the Saturday edition. The singer is recovering currently from a surgery on his heart, an operation that is not deferred could be. For the second time in his life, Christoff underwent a serious surgery. In his youth he had already to deal with a brain tumor, this time it was the good heart of Christoff the big problem. The singer was last Tuesday to undergo emergency surgery on his heart: he suffered from a leaky heart valve. The singer felt for a while extremely tired, but he thought this had to do with a packed 2018, and with the entire series of christmas concerts that he, in the course of the month of december. Christoff did not immediately look for the beginning of the new year would still be a relatively peaceful and carefree time. Time to re-charge and then he could with a lot of courage and even more energy to the new year to start. “When I, after the holidays, went to sports, I became suddenly unwell. They have me immediately to the er brought”, responds Christoff in The Latest News from his bedside. There were the necessary investigations done and soon noticed a cardiologist that the singer suffered from a leaky heart valve. A surgery myself, and could not long be postponed. There was immediately made an appointment and on Tuesday 8 January was the big day. “It is not just a surgery on your knee, or your appendix that should look like. They went to my heart shut-down and switch to a machine! Of course, then you think of death and the loved ones that you would have to leave,” says Christoff with emotion. “Fortunately, I had a lot of support from my fiancé, Ritchie, and my faith. I knew that I was in good hands was a worldfamous team with lots of experience”. And that cardiologist was Hugo Vanermen, the man who, among other things, king Albert has successfully operated on. Christoff was glad that he was the over three-hour surgery survived and recovers currently of the surgery. “The first days were tough, but the doctors have assured me that I will soon be fitter than ever going to feel. The extreme fatigue and dizziness would be a thing of the past. I look forward to me one hundred percent for the fans.” But that fans should still take the teeth bite: Christoff may provisionally not get a visit. Now he is just as Christoff De Bolle, and not the singer Christoff. Singing voice, the first to occur of Christoff is normally on Friday evening, January 25, upcoming.

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