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Binance, WazirX and Koinex support TRON Airdrop

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Binance, WazirX and Koinex support TRON Airdrop

Home News Binance, WazirX and Koinex support TRON Airdrop

Marcel Knobloch –

TRON has bought in the last year the data platform BitTorrent with over 100 million active users. Within the first quarter of this year, the BitTorrent is inserted Token (BTT), to be distributed by means of Airdrops of fidelity TRX-Hodler.

On 03.01.2018 the TRON Foundation has announced that the Peer-to-Peer file-sharing network BitTorrent will introduce a private Token, BTT, to reward users for Seeding and Sharing the files. Thus, there is an active incentive to be created for the user base, to achieve more bandwidth and interaction in the Ecosystem.

The BitTorrent-Airdrop is supported by the stock exchanges WazirX, Koinex and Binance, so that all of the TRX-Hodler have your Token on Binance not need to move to a different Exchange. The exact timing of the Airdrops so far, however, is still unknown. TRON-the owner of the store their Token on WazirX, will receive the same amount 1:1 in the BTT.

Users Koinex will also receive a 1:1 compensation. The user must according to the exchanges, because the technical infrastructure as well as the upcoming dividend, will be carried out automatically by the stock exchanges.

Binance has written to date, still no official announcement that they support the Airdrop, too – But the CEO of the stock exchange, Changphen Zhao has announced in a Tweet that Binance support the Airdrop.

The BTT is a TRC10-Token on the TRON-Blockchain is to run un the use of the BitTorrent platform to boost. BTT will also be divisible, so that smaller transactions can be carried out with gerignem value. BitTorrent is also introducing an Off-Chain – scaling solution, so that a simple Transfer is ensured and it is not on the main chain to jam or blockages.

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