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Beerschot Wilrijk move after new victory KV Mechelen under pressure in the second period, Proximus League

d8e7c8ee1c9adba7054bf6de6cdc2ffb - Beerschot Wilrijk move after new victory KV Mechelen under pressure in the second period, Proximus League

It remains a huge thrill at the top of the second period in the Proximus League. Beerschot Wilrijk comes after a 1-2 victory in Roeselare temporarily only on the head and put the KV Mechelen under pressure, that Sunday is still to Union attracts.

The Rats had to resume the competition the trip to Roeselare, which was already at quite a distance follows. Eight races were the Boys unbeaten and Beerschot Wilrijk had at Schiervelde right to the preponderance -almost 70% ball possession – but could not initially convert into opportunities. Also, since the new Spanish coach of Roeselare -Juanito – on the counter, took aim, and a strong organization neerpootte. Only Van Hyfte was initially a hole: he threw hard on Biebauw.

Just on the half-hour was the sudden touch: Noubissi came in possession of the ball after a bad control of Gravenberch and launched Vanzier. That omspeelde Biebauw and explained controls the ball against the nets: 0-1. The visitors had from the correct gear to tackle and played the first ten minutes of the cabinet to the wall: Biebauw loved Tissoudali with two rescues of the double edge and Van Hyfte decided on. The chances continued at a fast pace to follow. Noubissi devoured Biebauw then through the legs, 0-2. It even had 0-3 can be, but Tissoudali popped up close to the pole.

After the rest checked the Antwerpenaars the party. Maes was allowed to ball at the foot of the field crossing and operated Noubissi but Biebauw picked up the crossed shot in two times. Just past the hour scored Camargo the aansluitingstreffer when he was a vrijschop hard over Vanhamel cracked: 1-2. Vanhamel was still without a ball must tackle, but it was still exciting. In the lock, tried to substitute Kargbo a doubt, but Vanhamel made for the Antwerp three pointer with a crucial save.

In the ranking of the second period leads Beerschot Wilrijk with seventeen points, but KV Mechelen Sunday so a competition for credit. Roeselare is fourth with eight points. In the general position counts Beerschot Wilrijk as a second now 41 points, three less than Mechelen. Roeselare is sixth with 21 points.

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