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Aaron Dockx is the first Belgian champion, Vervloet wins in the women’s novices

8e2d6a477d25397f84d1b99100582eec - Aaron Dockx is the first Belgian champion, Vervloet wins in the women's novices

The first Belgian champion in the field is known. Aaron Dockx (IKO-Beobank) obtained in the eerstejaarsnieuwelingen for Niels Ceulemans (Callant-Doltcini) and Kinay, The Moyer (Acrog-Pauwels Sauces).

He started out as a big favorite, with 20 victories in 21 races, and made that role also. Already in the first round, he made the difference and he took a clear distance from the rest of the suit. Only Kinay The Moyer remained a few lengths on the heavy track that the rain is still something more modderstroken contained.

Dockx was even difficult at the end, but would still pick up, with 14 count bonus on Niels Ceulemans who Kinay The Moyer had passed at the end after he to deal with bad luck.

“Last week I lost for the first time this season, and I began somewhat to doubt,” said the new champion afterwards, “but luckily I had a good day today and I pick up the tricolour. Here I am incredibly happy with it, because it was not easy. Without bad luck comes Kinay might still be back. But well, I’m also fallen several times, on this track, it isn’t easy to hold on.”

In the girls freshmen showed Sterre Vervloet (Vondelmolen Cycling Team) is the strongest after a long solo. The kiona Dhondt and Chloe Van den Eede completed the podium.

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