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74 percent of participants gets rest day in the Dakar rally: click here to view the most beautiful images of woenstijnrace

Dakar organizer ASO this evening to let you know that 74 percent of the participants the day of rest in Arequipa achieved. Of the 334 registered vehicles, there are still 247 in the race. In total, there were 87 entries may be listed, including those of the Belgian navigator Fabian Lurquin and truck 523, with Peter Van Delm, Kurt Keysers and Steven Vaesen (Ford).

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Sunday morning start 105 motorcycles, 18 quads, 93 cars and SxS, and 32 trucks on the second Dakarweek. The participants will be given a further five stages to the process, for they Thursday Lima reach. Sunday is the longest stage on the menu: 839 km, of which 317 at the time, Arequipa to San Juan de Marcona.

In quads, the Argentine Nicolas Cavigliasso (Yamaha) ahead of 49:30, on his fellow-countryman Jeremias Gonzalez Ferioli (Yamaha), in all other rankings will still battle for the victory. Though the lead of the Qatarees Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota Overdrive Racing), the Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel (MINI John Cooper Buggy) also not wrong. The difference between them is 24:42. In the eve the end of all the rankings released. For the riders who camp on Friday reached, changes nothing.

For the first time in the history of the Dakar to get the opgevers earlier this week, a second chance. Yves Rutten, Christophe Franco and Peter Convents (Ford) are going to take advantage of that and hope to continue with their home-built truck Thursday Lima to reach. Their team-mates Peter Van Delm, Kurt Keysers and Steven Vaessen finally managed to get their truck out of the desert. The truck is on the way to the bivouac of Pisco. Their crew has now arrived in the bivouac in Arequipa, where she joined their team added.

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Click here to view the most beautiful images of the first week:

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