With this, rocket wants to Musk in the air

81a5f9ef2b544b1633233bbb716e123e - With this, rocket wants to Musk in the air

Elon Musk, ceo of Tesla, which is also behind the space SpaceX, has a photo of a new testraket the world in advance. The prototype can be possible within a few weeks the air in.

Earlier this month Elon Musk is already a message on Twitter posted in which he advised him that within four weeks –‘what’s going to likely be due to unforeseen circumstances’ – a test flight could be performed with the probe that, in time, to Mars, should fly. That the project seems to shoot deduced from his message of Thursday, in which he confirms that the assembly of the testraket completed. “This is a real photo, not a simulation’, he puts in there. The rocket looks pretty retro: made of metal-like and with a shape with three fins reminiscent of the rig that Tintin rondvloog in Rocket to the moon.

The spaceship which will eventually go to the moon, Mars or other destinations in space have to bring, there will be slightly different: it becomes even larger, thicker walls, more windows, and the surface of the rocket will be less unevenness. But this specimen is apparently good enough for all of a few test flights, from less great height.

The real space travel in the direction of Mars are actually closer than you might suspect: according to Musk, would be the first manned mission towards the Red Planet, with space for 100 passengers on board his Starship, may already be in the middle of the next decade can be launched.

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