Violation of Davy Gilles in the VTM program attracts criticism from

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The passage of actor Davy Gilles (42) last night in the VTM program ‘Greetings From’ criticism from an unexpected corner. For the eye of the camera begins Gilles namely a traffic violation by his four children together – without belt at the back seat of his car. “We wish to expressly warn”, responds the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) today in The Latest News.

The actor broke down during the ride, in fact, two rules, sounds like the AWV. “Since 1991, all passengers must in Belgium to wear a seatbelt. In addition, there are not more people in the vehicle than there are seat belts available,” says AWV-spokeswoman Veva Daniels. “We call the stations on all lines to live.”

In a comment to HLN bites VTM immediately turn itself off. “But the episode takes place in 1988”, says the defense. “At that time, were the people effective with z’n celebrate in the back seat, so not everyone is a belt could do. Many cars had no seat-belt, then. That is a bit private to the format.” In ‘Greetings From’ return of participants back to the year in which they are 12 years old – including the clothes, cars and houses from that period.

Anyway let the transmitter know the traffic rules is indeed to take seriously. “Because obviously it is not the intention of the rules to violate. In other programs, we look this well.”

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