Trump visits the border with Mexico

6fcf20968413c8239e6de97c07b14545 - Trump visits the border with Mexico

Donald Trump is to the border with Mexico flown to his demand for a limes wall.

“Without a substantial barrier you can this problem not to solve,” said Trump at a press conference where confiscated heroin, weapons, and bags full of cash were on display.

The president talked in McAllen, inter alia, with the troops engaged in border control. He said that a wall the crime would decrease.

Before his departure threatened to Trump again that he has his plan, there would be pushing with a ‘state of emergency’, so without the approval of Congress.

“I have not yet done that, but now I do,” he said. ‘If no solution comes, then I will probably do it. I would almost say that I certainly will do.”

The issue is responsible for the shutdown of the federal government. That lasted twenty days. Trump denies his signature under any document that does not provide the $ 5.6 billion that he claims to be a wall on the border with Mexico to build. The Democrats find the project a waste of money and immoral. Now the 800,000 federal employees without income.

How long the stalemate is still to take, it is just guess work. Trump has his visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos cancelled. That will start on January 22nd.

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