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The Fortnite founder outs himself as a crypto-Fan

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Video games have evolved from a pure Addiction of young people to a now global phenomenon. The influence of video games and the size of the video game industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Video games have become for many younger people to a fixed component of your daily life. In 2009, outdated video games, sales-wise, for the first time, the cinema tickets. Nowadays the video game industry is the fastest growing sector of the international media sector. Meanwhile, the difference in the sale of video games and cinema tickets, pay become significantly bigger, video games have overtaken the cinema tickets. The growth of the Mobile Gaming industry, and new sources of revenue such as in-App purchases, have not led to the emergence of a new Ecosystem, what was there in this Form. In contrast to the past has changed the present development in the video game industry, so that more and more women and, above all, Grown-up play. If one considers the conservative estimates generated by the video games industry in the year 2018 a turnover of more than 120 billion dollars. Logically, the joy in the crypto-market is great if notifications should be known that industry giant get out of the Gaming world in the crypto-market.

With video revenue games generate

The first and probably most obvious way to play video games to earn money, is the sale of the games themselves. However, many of the games, especially Mobile Games said, free of charge. The publisher does not earn more so with the game itself of money, but with the In-App purchases and advertising. In-App sales, micro-transactions. So a player buys his Avatar with real money, a new weapon or a new Outfit, or he buys new Levels and other game extensions (DLC). Besides, it is in most Games for money small amenities to buy, for example, that no advertising be switched during the Play. All in All, to serve In-App purchases, so the improvement of the game experience. A game has to have a large degree of popularity and a large Community, can not sell, the developer also merchandise like T-Shirts, etc., or the licenses to film studios sell, to rotate which then made a Film of the game. One of the main reasons to why require a lot of game developers on crypto-currencies, are the commissions you need to make currently to the App Stores, payment service providers and banks. A large part of these commissions would be eliminated by the acceptance of crypto-currencies.

Video games and crypto

There are three ways to crypto in Videogames:

Firstly, you could replace the tokens and Gems by crypto-currencies. Secondly, you might excited to use crypto-currencies as a Marketing medium, because everything that has to do with crypto-currencies, attention. Many game developers have a build that is why parts of the Blockchain in your video Games to get this attention.

The last and also the most interesting method of crypto and the Blockchain to incorporate in a video game, the actual use of the Blockchain in the game. The best example for such an application crypto kitties, a game is used where the Ethereum-a Blockchain to ensure the uniqueness of content in the game of each User. Exchanges for the crypto-Gaming area, such as dBay and OpenSea are on the idea of a crypto-build the Ecosystem to such video games.

Fortnite is now accepting Monero

The Fotnite merchan to accept this Shop started recently Monero as a means of payment. This is the first Time such a large online store, such as Fortnite, crypto-currencies as means of payment to accept. Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and one of the developers of Fortnite explained that the acceptance of Monero is intentional. Allegedly one of the employees has enabled the Privacy-Coin as means of payment. He also said that many currencies are at Epic Games big Fans of Crypto, but some work needs to be done, especially in the area of fraud prevention and the handling of the volatility before you accept crypto currencies actually. Epic Games has announced that there is currently no integration of crypto-currencies to plan. Some are of the view that the adaptation of Cryptocurrencies in video games, it was inevitable, and a big step for Kryptos in the Mainstream would be. Non-tradable Tokens (NFTs) can improve, with proper integration in the games, the game experience, such as in the case of crypto kitties and the Mainstream adaptation. With time the game could be-Token, as the Fortnite V-Bucks in crypto-currencies, and so a part of the crypto Ecosystem.

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