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Tezos Foundation expanded its leadership staff – Coin Hero

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Tezos Foundation expanded its leadership staff

Home News Tezos Foundation expanded its leadership staff

Matthias Nemack –

The Foundation announced at the weekend to have some new experts are brought on Board. The Tezos Blockchain is now to grow even stronger and faster.

Initial problems to be overcome

From the Swiss “the crypto Valley” Zug, the Format Tezos has done in the past year, the jump in the leading group of the most successful digital currencies. Finally, because around the innovative Blockchain model, we had in the past problems and delays, the should have according to the insiders, primarily the result of internal squabbles. After the Tezos Blockchain Protocol is since the middle of 2018 finally available, was able to secure the Token, an increasing number of new Fans. Currently, the Format is scratching at the threshold to the Top 20 on the market, the awareness of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it needs to be for a while. Innovative, in particular, the Option for participation for all holders of Tezos is Token.

Several Items have been re-occupied, or created

Now, the Tezos Foundation has announced several new appointments, which should also provide for improvements. Known to the Foundation, not least for the close collaboration with developers and members of the Community. With Ulrich Sauter, the Foundation announces a new change of personnel in the leading Management, was, for example, most recently for the prestigious law firm Naegeli & partners. Lily Liu is a well-known Tech entrepreneur (Co-founder of a few weeks ago in addition to their Advisory function for the Board of Trustees.

New chief financial officer is also to bring economic stability

And since all good things are three, called the Tezos Foundation in addition, Eelco vial, as the new chief financial officer. As a result, the ICO is in the year 2017, the collected funds are to be used in the future in the best way possible and managed. The aim of the “Staff”-optimization, the further improvement of organization structures, according to the Foundation’s opinion. In addition, the development of Blockchain-environment should be further promoted, in addition to a private Tezos Ecosystem should be developed. An important step is to be in the coming spring, the opening of a new location for a “Tezos Coworking Space” in the Canton of Zug.

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