Singer/guitarist Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters thunders again from stage

Singer/guitarist Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is yet again a stage gedonderd, as has message and so it is in a video on Instagram to see. The rocker is well-known that he had already once before the eyes of a live audience embarrassing fall came.

The Foo Fighters gave Wednesday a concert at the hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. At a given moment, broke down Grohl is gitaarspelend to a corner of the stage to something fun to do with fans. He got a can of beer handed to us that he is on a speaker, and that he tried, just for fun, to drink. The can kiepte to the speaker, after which the musician still in his mouth and put the remaining beer is swallowed.

Grohl left the corner with your back to the audience and fell off of the stage. Luckily for him the security to him to absorb. Or the rocker an injury is not known, it is certain that he just went on playing.

In 2015, had the Foo Fighters have a concert in Werchter cancel after Grohl in a fall from the stage during a gig in Gothenburg a fracture of the leg had been damaged.

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