Organization Miss Belgium rekenfoutje

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Miss Belgium and the world Wars, it remains a difficult combination. The organization celebrates its 90th anniversary and believes that she tomorrow go in search of the 90th Miss Belgium. However, that is outside the years of the occupation bargained for when there are no elections were.

“It is the 90th birthday, so we choose the 90th Miss Belgium,” says the organization in their coverage. A painful mistake because that is not the case. There are to start with quite a bit of confusion about the first Miss Belgium. The organization himself speaks of 1929. When was Jenny Vanparys the first Miss Belgium.

However, even in 1928, there was already a winner, even though it was still not really for the title of Miss Belgium, but rather to that of “Queen of the Beach”. Anne Koyaert came in as the winner. But that is fodder for discussion.

The organization has the this year, on the 90th anniversary. That does not mean, however, that for the 90th time on search is gone to a new Miss Belgium, such as they themselves write. In the war years of 1940 to 1945 there was no election. Also in 1935, there was no election, and thus is going to Miss Belgium for the 90th time but to celebrate the 84th time looking for the “finest in the country”.

The world Wars are often forgotten. Candidate Cindy Sabbe blundered in 2014 when she said that the First world War began a decade ago. To miss is human.

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