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New TenX CEO reports finally to the word!

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Toby Hoenisch gives a short Statement

Large parts of the crypto community was waiting in the past few days on a (he)clarifying Statement on the part of TenX regarding the resignation of their previous CEO, Dr Julian Hosp. His co-Founder and successor to Toby Hoenisch, published on Friday Morning, although a short Youtube Video related to the case, but without any real content.

He said only the decision TenX had been made to leave by Julian Hosp and the other founders together. Backgrounds for the exit? Wrong!
The company TenX summarized answers to the most frequently asked questions of the last few days in a FAQ, which, however, unfortunately, not much useful content as Hoenischs‘ Video.

TenX published FAQ

For all those who are with the English language is not familiar, we have translated for you the FAQ is in German:

You can get more light into the circumstances relating to Julian’s departure?

Julian’s departure was agreed by a joint decision that we, of all founders, including Julian himself. Thus, TenX may drive the plans for 2019, this is the result that we thought was for the best.

There is speculation about Julian and insider trading, can you comment on that?

TenX has trading policies that apply to employees at the management level. This requires, among other things, to inform the Board prior to the trade with PAY-Token.

In the weeks before and after the day of the announcement of the TenX Tokens (the “notice date”) has not entered into any such notification. All the companies of the TenX group, after the 21. December 2018 no-trade with PAY-Token part.

We cannot make any comments on the alleged trade in, PAY-tokens, which may have been made by a former employee of TenX.
However, we had to determine that a Transfer and the alleged trading in days occurred after the notice date, these transactions were, however, on the basis of publicly available information.

What is the Status of the banking license?

We have recently spoken with the licensing authority, and our Bank license as planned on course.

Is Julian’s departure will affect the current Roadmap?

We can assure you that our plans for 2019 will remain the same and we are determined and committed to pursue as in the past.

How many cards have been sent to the user?

So far, more than 20 cards have been sent in our first Batch. We are now, with our second Batch.

What is the Status of the cards?

We have requests that are currently in the Pipeline. We are in the process of KYC verification and card applications.

When can we expect to see Token for more information about the TenX Token KYC process, the time of TenX-distribution, the reward system and the potential PAY-Utility?

We can now confirm that the process of the mobilisation and implementation of KYC about the TenX App, KYC providers, and all systems are already connected with the App and integrated, and we use it actively to the verification of card users. We assume that the Claim – and the KYC process will begin in mid-January.


By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quote: “As I stand now, I, poor Tor! And I am no wiser than before.“
In respect of the disposal of Hosp we are after reading the FAQ, although not a piece more, but especially the paragraph about the alleged insider trading again leaves room for speculation. After a clear denial of the statement sounds like “we can’t say anything about an Ex-employee and its transactions” not necessarily.
So we can only hope the TenX announced Q&A next week. Hopefully there received more intense and especially with more real content on the topic, even if fear remains that Hoenisch and co. will put your answers already so that at the end nothing comes of talk around the hot porridge out of it.

Disclaimer: This information is not confirmation of a crypto-currency. It is not a recommendation to trade. The crypto market is full of Surprises and overvalued assets. Please do a little research before you buy something. Invest never more than you can afford to lose.

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