Missing girl three months after murder of parents found

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A 13-year-old girl after murdering her parents in Wisconsin disappeared, is alive found. She was three months missing.

The girl Jayme Closs was malnourished and dirt found after her kidnapper was able to escape.

Jayme did cleave unto a woman that her walking the dog was in Gordon, n hour’s drive from where she lived. She was dirty, had tangled hair and wore oversized shoes. Soon it was clear that the missing girl was. Together, knocked her to a nearby house where the police were able to notify. The girl wanted to there is no eating and drinking assume.

“It was as if I was a ghost saw”, the man says that the girl write. “It was frightening and at the same time, incredible. My mouth fell open.’

A 21-year-old suspect has been arrested for the kidnapping of the girl and the murder of her parents, says the police. In the neighborhood was a search warrant, held in a hut. The condition of the girl is not clear. Also about the escape gives the police no details.

Emergency call

The bodies of her parents, the 56-year-old James Closs and his 46-year-old wife, Denise, were on October 15, in their property is found after the police, a mysterious distress call had been given.

Nobody said anything, say the authorities, but in the background was a lot of cries heard. Four minutes later it was the police on the spot. The door of the residence was kicked in, and the pair was shot to death. The police suspected that the girl had been taken.

The case had repercussions in the whole of the USA. Night and day was to her search, and thousands of volunteers participated in the search.

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