#LikeMe: a musical series with the amazing cast on Ketnet

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#LikeMe is a new fiction series with a high musicalgehalte. The series consists of adaptations of Flemish and Dutch classics such as ‘Lights of the Scheldt “felt vulnerable”, ‘Porcelain’ of Yasmine and It has past that beautiful summer’ by Gerard Cox. This surprising musical series connects generations: Ketnetters of now acquainted with the English classics from the time of their parents.

Some of the big names such as Gunther Levi, Janine Bishops and Hugo Sigal is a part of this innovative musical concept. Just as Teen-series as Ghost Rockers, D5R and 4eVeR this series is also a first step for some promising acteertalenten

The story

Caro and her family live in a village in the Ardennes. When one day, disaster strikes and the mom of Caro gets sick, they decide to move to the city. Caro must not only move but should also go to a new school. The transition from a small community where everyone knows each other, to an environment full of conflicts and a biting social hierarchy.

Dutch classics in a new jacket

Music is one of the key elements that make this series strong. #LikeMe is a new musicalreeks with songs reverberating, moving, amaze and entertain. But mainly the songs that both the young and the old audience will recognize and appreciate.

The creators of #LikeMe are the history of the Dutch music stuff. They discovered an endless list of music of its own soil by the years covered in the dust is hit. By the advent of new generations and music styles got a lot of Dutch music on the background, but still, the songs that are musical as well as literary-are timeless.

Producers Bart Of East and Thomas Van Goethem joined forces to 26 classics in a new and original jacket to cross. They chose, among other Girls of Raymond van het Groenewoud, Let me now have not only van Queen, and I want you of The Kreuners. They came up with new arrangements and introduced young new voices in order to pay a tribute to all the Flemish and Dutch artists and a bridge between the music of the past and the present.

#LikeMe is on view from Sunday, January 13, at about 8.55 pm on Ketnet, or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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