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Is Octavian the new 50 Cent?

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For the first time since 2003 the winner of a rapper in the influential BBC Sound of’-muziekpoll. The 23-year-old Briton Octavian becomes the successor of 50 Cents.

In its annual muziekpoll leave the BBC more than 100 journalists, festivalprogrammatoren, streamingcuratoren and former nominees match the names of the artists in the coming year, your eardrums will …

In its annual muziekpoll leave the BBC more than 100 journalists, festivalprogrammatoren, streamingcuratoren and former nominees match the names of the artists in the coming year, your eardrums will touch. For the ‘Sound of 2019’-list slide in the British public service broadcaster a stage to for with rapper Octavian, pop singer King Princess and balladeuse Grace Carter. Two Britons and an American on the highest spot, and so back to normal after a year in which the Norwegian Sigrid the list topte – in the 16-year history of ‘Sound of’ she was the first non-Briton or American who with the honor went walk.

It was the BBC last year, the finger on the pulse. Not only signed Sigrid for smart, catchy pop that also pots broke on the Rock Werchter festival, she represented the internationalisation that pop music was undergoing. The rise of streaming services like Spotify or Apple’s Music demolishes some luistergrenzen: about new Spanish flamenco is for the average listener is now more accessible than ever. That is not a randomly chosen example: Rosalía brought out the shortlist for the ‘Sound of 2019’. The Spanish mixes traditional flamenco with electronic beats. It gave her album El mal querer, that by the end of 2018 appeared, immediately place in a few shall present, but it does not seem necessary on a broader poptrend.

Important friends

That does Octavian. He is the first rapper that the poll wins since 50 Cent in 2003. Rap is, however, already back ‘in da club’: the three artists that in 2018 the world’s most streamed were Drake, Post Malone and XXXTentacion. The new 50 Cent, we see him not immediately be: Octavian covers a wider spectrum. So schurkt he to against that celebrates as Mura Masa, Ross from friends and Head to.

Octavian does have more good friends: his ‘Party here’ only really started chunks after Drake a Instagramvideo posted in which he single sang along. Also other artists on the BBC performances have something to give thanks to famous friends. ‘1950’ of the American King Princess grew to be a hit after ex-One Direction singer Harry Styles there are some tekstflarden of, had tweeted. The contemporary pop song about a clandestine lesbian love – perhaps the best from the BBC-shortlist – now sits at 183 million Spotify streams, and the 20-year-old Mikaela Straus has her status as queer icon in the making’ already in the bag.

Also Grace Carter, who is sensitive pianoballades writes and bronze brought out in the BBC poll, was taken in tow: they kept the opening act of Dua Lipa, the meestverkopende artist of 2018. The British-Kosovo singer of ‘One kiss’ got yourself the long list of ‘The Sound of 2016, but grasp that year next to the top-5. Ditto for the 17-year-old American talent Billie Eilish: they landed in 2018 just outside the top 5, but now with a few consecutive streaminghits a large part of the popwereld with bated breath watching her next step.

After boerenjaren with Adele (2008), Ellie Goulding (2010), Sam Smith (2014) and Years & Years (2015), ‘Sound’winners in the same year breakthroughs with a hitalbum, were the real crackers, in recent years, so earlier outside the top-5. Also this year seems to Octavian to niche for the immediate breakthrough. For King, the Princess or the 20-year-old indie-soul singer Mahalia is different: which latter was in its latest passage in our country as a goddess and welcomed by her fans. Who themselves of the potential wants to make sure, good luck: nominees Dermot Kennedy (19/5, AB) and Slowthai (18/3, Beursschouwburg) will fall in the coming months to our country. Also Octavian can you with your own eyes, go to review: on February 14, he comes to the Botanique.

The New Generation makes shortlist bekendOok in his own country press assesses the outlook. Studio Brussel made Friday, the nine nominees announced for ‘The New Generation’, of which the transmitter is looking for new Belgian hitmakers.This year, popzangeressen Billie Louise and Camille Camille, soulzanger David Ngyah, rappers Icto and Mvnsi, rock bands, Melting Mallows, and Mooneye and electro-artists Rafael and Tessa Dixson chance to become the successors of Equal Idiots, Tamino or Sons to be. There are: Camille Camille wrote with ‘Strawberry moon’ is a Tamino-esque ballad, Mooneye, with the ‘Thinking about leaving’, a song that we like to be on our clock radio would hear, and sounds in the French rapping Gentenaar Mvnsi striking hard as Damso.De the shortlist was compiled from 1,000 entries by a jury with Kirsten Lemaire, Flip Kowlier (‘t Hof van Commerce), Jan Paternoster (Black Box Revelation) and Jeroen De Pessemier (The Subs). From 24 January the listeners of StuBru vote for their favorites. The winners are announced on the 31 January. (ndl)

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