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IOTA is collaborating with the IBCS Group for improved Tracking

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IOTA is collaborating with the IBCS Group for improved Tracking

Home News IOTA cooperates with the IBCS Group for improved Tracking

Marcel Knobloch –

The technology of IOTA, the Tangle, already studied by heavyweights such as Bosch or VW, in order to optimize internal processes and developing new Workflows. The latest collaboration has completed IOTA with the IBCS Group, in order to promote the Tracking in the Supply Chain Management.

The IOTA Foundation has announced that they will be using the Tangle as well as the Masked Authenticated Message (MAM) Protocol, a new solution for tracking of resources delivery in the to create a chain of IBCS Group. The IOTA-application “Track and Trace”, which is also refer to as “IBCS Tracker”, aims to contribute to the improvement of the asset management in all of Central Europe as well as the planning and consequently, increasing profits for the company.

IOTA continues to be that the manual management of the assets of wealth on fundamental values of the vast data quickly to losses and efficiencies can result. The costs for tracing are high and the complexity of the maintenance of the System requires a lot of Ressourecen. Through the use of the Tangle, each Asset is given a unique digital identity that can be controlled through a mobile application. As a result, companies such as the IBCS Group can monitor your supply chain to better control and optimize.

Holger Köther, Director for cooperation at IOTA, describes (freely translated):

We are confident that this partnership will help the customers of IBCS group to improve the core processes of the transit planning and delivery, and to simultaneously work on the application of the real-world applications of DLT.

Brian Marcel, Chairman of IBCS Group, will drive the Expansion to Central Europe (freely translated):

This partnership provides a clear opportunity to master one of the most difficult logistical challenges of today’s shipping and forwarding industry. We have developed the IOTA Powered solution, first in Poland, but the next step is the Expansion in our other countries in Central Europe.

Ultimately, it is our goal to provide all customers of the IBCS group, a better understanding of where important assets in the supply chain, are present, in order to increase the efficiency and the strategic Management of their assets.

With this new partnership, IOTA again shows a possible application area where the technology eingetzt, and thus complex operations can be improved within a company easy and secure.

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