Huawei manager in Poland were arrested on suspicion of espionage

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A manager of the Chinese technology company Huawei, according to media reports in Poland were arrested on suspicion of espionage. He is suspected with Chinese secret services have worked together, reported the channel TVP Info Friday.

Polish authorities have confirmed the arrest of a Chinese by the domestic secret service ABW. They said that the man for a Chinese telecom company, worked. According to the transmitter TVPInfo going to be the sales manager for Huawei in Poland.

In the study, was also a Pole picked up, said Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesman of the coordinator of Mariusz Kaminski of the Polish secret service. That suspects would be a former high-ranking employee of ABW. He would stand there with cyber security focused, but now for the telecom company Orange to work. The local branches of Orange and Huawei would by detectives searched his.

Two suspects were according to Polish authorities Tuesday arrested. Thursday ordered a judge to their provisional arrest for three months. They risk up to ten years in prison.

The Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs had to know ‘extremely concerned’ by the reports about the arrests and urges Poland to the case ‘correct’ to treat. Huawei itself would not comment on the case and reported only that it acts ” in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates.

Trade war US-China

In december was in Canada even though a topvrouw of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, arrested on suspicion of violating the U.s. sanctions against Iran. The US wanted to extradite, China reacted furiously.

Huawei emerges often in the handelsconflict between the United States and China. The Americans fear that China, thanks to companies like Huawei, one of the largest suppliers of telecom infrastructure, a globally dominant position in the construction of new 5G networks. In addition, the presumption that China, Huawei’s products to spy. Companies are under political pressure to do business more to do with the Chinese multinational. So ran that for several lucrative deals don’t miss.

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