Flute of Klaasje Meijer (K3) stolen

0aedd4b23bcbd1f56259d3c8ed9c2a82 - Flute of Klaasje Meijer (K3) stolen

Klaasje Meijer is the victim of a theft. From her car was a flute stolen. The K3 was a singer in her own words-very attached to the instrument, allowing for the theft, the more painful it makes.

Klaasje Meijer is not only a singer, but she also plays flute. In the past, gave the K3 (still dwarsfluitles to children. Recently showed the 23-year-old Dutch her wind instrument, even in the car. When she came back, the flute disappeared.

Very painful, because Meijer had to say very much attached to the instrument. “The theft has me already this year a lot of hurt. You should know that I also needed for a show of Q3. Moreover, had that flute for me a high emotional value. She was used to from my aunt and I am sure to start playing when I was six years old,” she says in All.

Not only Meijers flute was out of the car stolen. “My jacket was stolen”, it sounds.

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