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Find a sweet or turn into a animal

ac27085f9fcff9a203cc99c637ca29f6 - Find a sweet or turn into a animal

Of Yorgos Lanthimos is currently running ‘The favourite’ in the halls, on the Canvas, you can look at are ‘The lobster’. These are our tv tips.


Canvas 22.10-0.05 hour

David must not only about the loss of his wife hit, according to the rules of his world, he must submit within 45 days a new partner. If not, he changes into an animal. He ended up in a hotel where he that love must be found. He refuses to conform to the strict rules and joined The Loners, a rebel group known as.


Four 23.40-1.35 pm

The story may not be as strong as that of The sixth sense at the time, managed to film director M. Night Shyamalan in 2000 with Unbreakable success to confirm. By a superheldenepos an intelligent, supernatural twist.


NPO 3 22.20-23: 55 hours

Idris Elba creeps for the fourth time in the skin of detective Luther. The fifth season is now on the BBC, but an overdose of Elba does not exist.

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