Fayulu fight election results Congo to

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Martin Fayulu the provisional results of the presidential elections in the Congo challenge for the Constitutional Court in Kinshasa.

Fayulu claims the victory, but according to the election commission (Céni) came the other oppositiekandidaat, Felix Tshisekedi, as the winner of the ballot, with 38,57% of the vote.

Fayulu obtained according to Céni, 34.8 percent, which he earlier this week mention made of an ‘electoral coup’.

Fayulu said that he was a large victory with 61 percent of the vote. Félix Tshisekedi obtained, according to him, at only 18 percent. His team has to prove, what it sounds like.

In a speech to hundreds of supporters in Kinshasha disapproved Fayulu the ‘stolen victory of the people’. He announced that he Saturday appeals and a recount of the votes requires.

Also, according to the Congolese episcopal conference (Cenco), the results of the presidential elections is not consistent with the data of the Church. On the day of the elections, the Church had a 40,000 observers deployed.


The victory of Tshisekedi came as a surprise. When it became clear that Kabila’s candidate Ramazani Shadary a bad result had dropped, threw the Kabila camp on an agreement with Tshisekedi. He will get the presidency in the laps. In return reserves Established under the control of the security apparatus.

Since the result is published, are already at least nine people were killed. Many others were injured.

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