Dutch terrorist suspects: ‘in the fall lured”

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Six terrorist suspects in Rotterdam accused wanted to attack a festival. At least, that recommends the Dutch public ministry. According to the defence, however, they are in the trap lured by a too diligent infiltrator of the police. Themselves, they wanted only but tough to do and a bit ‘with a kalashnikov to play’.

In the Netherlands, there are six terrorist suspects go due to the preparation of a terrorist attack and membership of a terrorist organisation. The men, between 21 and 35 years old, were in september last year after an extensive and politieactie. This made the officers more use of a player that the confidence of the suspects knew the win.

Attack on festival

That infiltrator had to be this cautious. So if he is not guilty of solicitation: the initiative, for example, violent plans to be bring had of the suspects. But we finally did that and they asked him, or he them weapons could give: bomvesten, rifles, grenades and a car bomb. That would, according to the allegations used in an attack on an unnamed festival. The goal: as many victims as possible, to the example of the attack in the concert hall Bataclan in Paris.

The police produced the suspects, a hundred pounds of fertilizer (which can be used to put explosives). Later, they were still a few weapons that – without their knowledge – systems were created. When the police the group on that occasion, in a coordinated action and wanted to persist, tried one of the suspects still on the agents to shoot, but that is not because the weapon systems were made.

“Play with kalashnikov’

For the prosecutor, it is clear that the six largest had plans for an attack in the Netherlands, was announced yesterday at an interim hearing. The defense is there, however, do not agree. According to the lawyers of the six, and in particular, to incitement. “The Public Ministry has a group created, and the fear of an attack is created,” she said. “But without the Public Ministry, there was no group’, says lawyer Serge Weening. According to him, is his client by the infiltrator turned on to something he otherwise would not have done. The delivery of the weapons, the proposal to allow the group to train in the use of weapons, …. : all happened on the initiative of the player, says the defense. The six terrorist suspects who wanted to just ” play with a kalashnikov’.

The prime suspect in the case is Hardi N. (34). He was previously convicted for attempting to travel to Syria. He got a relatively low sanction (24 months in prison, of which 21 conditional) because his deradicaliseringsproces seemed to expire.

The next meeting is on 3 april. In the meantime, keep the suspects in the cell.

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