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Draws lottery will soon be followed live on The place de brouckère;

b73e7e6d0c56813a55faf4d635ff5de6 - Draws lottery will soon be followed live on The place de brouckère;

The draws of the National Lottery from the summer in a new store at the De brouckèreplein in Brussels. Passers-by who live. In 2018, made the lottery by the way 44 Belgians millionaire.

2018 was a record year for the National Lottery with a turnover of 1,32 billion euro, as appears from the annual report. That’s 52 million more than in 2017. Nearly 80,000 winners (among whom 44 millionaires) won together about 910 million euros. And that is almost 50 million more than in 2017.

But everyone is a winner, say the lottery like, because more than 300 million of the commitment is to all kinds of charities are gone.

The National Lottery goes this year even more bets on own stores, reported the chief executive of the National Lottery, Jannie Haek.

“We believe in the retail, which is becoming more diverse, but notice also that we get our message through that way don’t always lose. The traditional newsagents where people can go for information will disappear from the market, ” says Haek.

It is partly for this reason that the National Lottery is bet on their own stores, which operate as a kind ‘experience center’. People can go to get information about the products, their cv, their profits, to get the information about the good causes that the Lottery supports, and so on.

Today, all three of those stores open, in Ghent, Antwerp and Liège; in total the National Lottery there are eight or ten open.

The following stores will be at the De brouckèreplein in Brussels, that the doors in the summer will open, probably in the month of July. In that store also comes in a display case where the draws of the Lotto and other products will take place, that so live of passers-by and interested people followed.

‘We’d like to return to the roots of the lottery, with very visible twitching, ” says Jannie Haek. “We show how the draw is done, in a very transparent way, and to think that we, as the element of trust can increase.’

The draws will also be broadcast on VRT and RTBF, says Haek.

In 2018, the products of the National Lottery in 7.232 outlets offered. That is the highest number of points of sale in 10 years time.

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