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Director of resembled Tubize ensures continuity: “Hope against 20 or 25/01 in order to be”

d93949131794e70b14f0ee688c22ba3c - Director of resembled Tubize ensures continuity: “Hope against 20 or 25/01 in order to be”

Josselin Crossed, the director general of Tubize, is full of confidence regarding the continuity of the 1B club. “We hope against 20 or 25 of January in order to be”, this is the Friday, in a press release on the website of Tubize. On december 21, was the club in the hands of the South Korean Chankoo Shim a transferverbod imposed by the license commission of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). According to different media were the players of old has now won all of two months not paid.

“Little by little, we arrange the various cited administrative points that there is a problem in terms of timing,” says Crossed. “If you are a foreign shareholder, it is normal that there are some administrative problems arise. That are currently regulated, the continuity is not in danger.”

The club confirms that there are problems to pay the wages of the players to pay. “Where there is smoke, there is fire. Currently, the players are not paid, but everything is controlled”, as it sounds.

Only when Tubize complies with the requirements of the license commission, the transferverbod lifted. The wintermercato close at the end of January. “On the whole, the best business is done at the end of the mercato, we hope that also this year the event,” the club feel comfortable. Coach Christian Bracconi is not to say that other 1B-clubs already to his players fishing, hoping that they free of charge can be attracted if they are the club in default. “That lack of respect irritates me immensely,” he says. “Today we seem to have a weakened animal, and all the vultures fly at us. But I will give them a kick to their ass.”

Sunday evening (20h) plays old has now won his first game of 2019 on a visit to Oud-Heverlee Leuven.

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